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Texas Fly-Fishing

Texas Saltwater Fly Fishing on the Coastal Flats
The Texas flats are loaded with large groups of reds and scattered speckled trout which cruise the grass and mud flats of the middle coast in search of prey. Chuck fishes Rockport, Corpus Christi Bay, Port Aransas, Baffin Bay, Copano Bay and Redfish Bay.


The fly fishing technique will be sight-casting from a poling skiff about 90% of the time. Other techniques employed will be stalking on foot.

Light Tackle Angling
In addition to providing the finest saltwater fly fishing angling opportunities on the Texas coast, Chuck also provides the same light tackle sight-casting fishing trips as well. 
Light Tackle trips are very similar to the fly fishing trips with respect to poling and sight-casting to cruising redfish and trout but using a light tackle spinning or bait-casting setup.

What Is Provided
Chuck provides flies, leaders, lures and tackle as well as ice and water.

Fly fishing and Light Tackle Rates
$600 (1-2 people) Fly fishing Seminars ($400 )

Texas fly fishing a light tackle is some of the most exciting bay fishing around. Sight-casting to tailing redfish is one of the most exciting experiences a saltwater fly fisher can experience in their lifetime.

Chuck runs a top-of-the-line Stilt shallow water boat – one of  the world’s most complete poling skiffs.